SpeedZone BL Herbicide

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Item #: 1474360
Size:  4 - 1 Gallon


SpeedZone® is a post-emergent broadleaf weed control for home lawns, golf courses, parks, commercial property, schools, sod farms, roadsides and cemeteries, especially where rapid visual results are an advantage. SpeedZone® applications will control or supress tough weeds like cover, plantain, ground ivy and spurge with a fast-acting cool-weather response, exhibiting results within hours.

EPA Numbers: 002217-00833-000000

Guaranteed Analysis:

Active Ingredient
Carfentrazone-ethyl 0.62%
2,4-D, 2-ethylhexyl ester 28.57%
Mecoprop-p acid 5.88%
Dicamba acid 1.71%
Other Ingredients 63.22%
Total 100.0%

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