ProScape 15-2-5 EcoBlend 51% Biosolids 49% MESA & EXPO 2% Fe SGN 150

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Item #: 2253850
Size:  40 Pounds

Please refer to the label for detailed information regarding coverage and application rate.

Featured technologies:

Organic Based

SGN Size: 150


ProScape® Eco-Blend represents the best of both the organic and the synthetic fertilizer worlds by combining nutrient rich biosolids with MESA and EXPO, patented controlled release nutrient sources of nitrogen and potassium.  MESA combines ammnium sulfate and methylene urea in a single homogeneous particle, while EXPO provides extened release potassium sulfate.  Working in combination, ProScape Eco-Blend provides a quick green up, without flush growth, and reliable long-term feeding.

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