Half a piece of Expo® is still Expo®

Expo® is much more than Potash

expoDesigned to deliver the benefits of potassium, Expo® is a patented granule combining methylene urea and potassium sulfate. Available exclusively from LebanonTurf, it is specifically designed to deliver an efficient, cost-effective, controlled release source of potash along with a slowly available source of nitrogen. Mow it! Stomp it! Crush it! Cut it in half, it’s still Expo®!

So what exactly is Expo®? In the simplest of terms, Expo® is an extremely effective fertilizer that supplies controlled-release potassium sulfate as well as highly efficient controlled-release Nitrogen. Although its potash release characteristics are what make Expo® so special, it’s a homogeneous product that delivers consistent, excellent performance in either SGN 145 or SGN 195 sizing.

  • Excellent Longevity
    It rivals coated products -- 10-12 plus weeks of response from one-lb N/M application on cool season grasses.
  • Healthier Turf
    Expo® delivers what is often claimed by organics -- less disease and a healthy, vigorous turf that recovers readily from damage and stress.
  • Improved Density
    Crewmembers of superintendents using Expo® have made unsolicited comments about the improvement of turf density.
  • Simple yet Effective
    Two one-lb N/M applications result in fewer peaks and valleys than spoon- feeding and actually provide more consistency than coated products.
  • Easy to Spread
    The distinctive color is easy to see, both in the air as you’re spreading the product and also on the ground.
  • Better Quality of Cut
    Expo®-treated Poa fairways showed an improved quality of cut. This was attributed to better density and a more upright growth habit, which results in a better playing surface.

potash leaching studyExpo® is slower to release than regular sulfate of potash under identical conditions. Also, Expo® SGN 195 is more slowly available than the SGN 145 because there is less surface area exposed to the water. Expo® is clearly much more efficient in delivering its potash than regular sulfate of potash, the potash source of choice in most high quality fertilizers. This potash efficiency is beneficial to the plant and university research indicates it extends desirable fertilizer response.

Expo® is available as 20-0-25 homogeneous granules in either SGN 145 or SGN 195 sizing. You can also find it in selected grades within LebanonTurf’s NX-PRO® and ProScape® product lines.