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When it comes to playability, there’s good and then there’s Emerald Isle good. There’s a difference—and it’s a big one. For more than 30 years, we’ve been helping generations of superintendents produce some of the industry’s finest turf. Our unique Emerald Isle formula consists of cold-harvested sea plant extract, liquid amino acids and fulvic acids, which translates to more efficient nutrient absorption for healthier turf and better playability.

Turn ordinary play into extraordinary playability with Emerald Isle.

University-backed research

Studies conducted at Purdue, Auburn and the University of Miami (to name a few) revealed that Emerald Isle delivers highly efficient and consistent nutrient absorption, which promotes healthier turf season after season.

Made with cold-harvested sea plants

Emerald Isle is made with a unique blend of cold-harvested sea plants that deliver antioxidants, fulvic acids, and liquid aminos for a complete nutritional approach that creates carbohydrate reserves and root mass even when seasonal stresses have compromised root health.

Fulvic vs. humic acid

Using fulvic acids derived from cold-harvested sea plants makes nutrient absorption faster and more efficient for a complete nutritional approach to turf health and vitality. That’s because fulvic acids (unlike humic acids) are water-soluble and consist of a smaller molecular structure for more immediate nutrient transfer.

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2020 True Performance Turfgrass Program

Congratulations to Justin Wheeler, Air Force Agronomist and the Central Texas chapter of the GCSAA on winning the 2020 Emerald Isle Sweepstakes Grand Prize!

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