ProScape® 22-0-22 100% Meth-Ex® 40 is a homogeneous 1:1, nitrogen:potassium fertilizer.  This product is an excellent choice for providing potash to supplement soil requirements.  Sulfate of potash is an excellent plant available source and will help the turf fight off disease and other stresses.   Meth-Ex 40® provides long term, efficient nitrogen feeding.  Predictable color and longevity is a key benefit of this product.  This product is sized for use on closely mowed turf such as golf course tees, fairways and roughs.

Total Nitrogen (N) 22%
6.9% Water Insoluble Nitrogen*
3.5% Urea Nitrogen
11.6% Other Water Soluble Nitrogen*
Soluble Potash (K2O) 22%
Sulfur (S) 5.6%
5.6% Combined Sulfur (S)

Derived from: Methylene Ureas, Urea, Muriate of Potash

Chlorine (Cl) not more than 2%

*18.5% Slowly available Nitrogen from Methylene Ureas F699