Country Club IV

Country Club IV (Increased Visibility) premium greens grade fertilizers are designed with a lighter granule color for increased visibility, and to assist with more accurate putting green applications. Numerous IV mini-sized (80 SGN) products utilize Meth-Ex high-activity methylene urea nitrogen to provide putting greens with excellent color response and consistent long-term feeding, without surge growth. These products also feature 100% non-burning, immediately available sulfate of potash (SOP), and utilize unique composite technology to offer a variety of NPK analysis and nutrient options. 

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Country Club MD

Country Club MD (Maximum Dispersion) premium greens grade fertilizer products combine NPK elements, micronutrients and stress buffering biostimulants such as humic acid and sea plant kelp meal into each individual fertilizer granule, helping plants to manage environmental stress during hot, humid summer months while also improving overall turf health. Country Club MD products feature Meth-Ex slow release methylene urea for consistent long term feeding without surge growth, as well as 100% non-burning immediately available sulfate of potash. Country Club MD also utilizes highly dispersing granule technology to boost nutrient efficiency in reaching desired application surfaces under the turf canopy.

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Country Club Natural

Country Club Natural greens grade fertilizer is comprised of premium natural and all organic sources of nitrogen such as feather meal, wheat bran and meat and bone meal, to ensure putting greens are provided with the essential nutrients they require. Featuring SGN 90 consistent sized granules, Country Club Natural contains 93% slow release nitrogen, making it safe to apply in spring, summer, or fall without the risk of burning the turf. As well, Country Club Natural enhances turf root growth and hardiness for sustainable putting green health and performance. This product does not contain any synthetic or animal manure components. 

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Features and Benefits

Putting Green Specific Products

Country Club Greens Grade products are specifically designed for use on putting greens and are dedicated to fit every agronomic situation.

Superior Turf Quality

Provides an array of high quality nutrient options and beneficial elements such as stress buffering biostimulants for optimal turf health and performance.

Ideal Aesthetic and Playability

Assists with achieving and maintaining the fast, firm and vibrant putting green conditions demanded by today’s golfers.