April 2022: Archie

Archie is a 4-month-old English springer spaniel who has been patrolling the grounds of Essex Golf and Country Club in LaSalle, Ontario, since he was just 8 weeks old. Archie can't wait to get to work every morning, and when he's not chasing squirrels or butterflies, he can be found sitting shotgun with his owner, Alex, during his daily rounds. Archie has quickly become a favorite among club members and staff, even when he's picking golf balls up off the green. When Archie manages a day off, he likes to sprawl on the couch or do laps in the swimming pool. 

Alex Corken, a 2017 University of Guelph graduate, has been the assistant superintendent at Essex Golf and Country Club for one year, following stints working in Toronto and the U.S. Corken is a four-year GCSAA member, and when not at work, he enjoys watching the Toronto Maple Leafs, playing golf, and hiking with his fiancée, Kelcey. 

Photo by Alex Corken