April 2023: Pebble

This picture is a perfect example of how Pebble, an 8 month old Australian Shepherd, spends her mornings, here at Green Oaks Country Club in Pittsburgh, PA. Her favorite things to do include helping change cups, watering, of course greeting members and even trying her skills on the roller pictured above. Green Oaks is the perfect place for a high energy puppy to run all day and accompany the assistant superintendent, Cameron McQuain, with his tasks. The course is a 1905 Donald Ross design with new improvements such as an irrigation project with others planned for the future, with Pebble there to oversee.

Cameron has been at Green Oaks since January of 2022 and adopted Pebble in May to help with the day to day operations and provide a great work companion. Pebble is loving her employment as a golf course dog.