August 2022: Stella and Nova

On the golf course since they were 8 weeks old, these German shepherd girls are living the dream at Anthem Country Club in Las Vegas, where they've achieved a bit of celebrity status with members. Stella, 8, has amazed with her discipline, athleticism, and ability to do many tasks not typically attributed to GSDs. Nova, 1, is learning the ropes from her big sister. She has an endless motor, and on her way to the course, she can't contain her excitement over getting to chase rabbits. This duo has rid the course of geese and keeps rabbits and coots in check as well. After work, they head home to a family of six and relax in the pool to cool down from the Las Vegas heat. 

James Symons, a 19-year GCSAA member, graduated from Penn State in 2004 and is in his fourth year as superintendent at Anthem Country Club. James' career has taken him from Toronto to the Mid-Atlantic to his current post in Las Vegas. He loves to camp with his family- wife, April, and four kids- do DIY projects, coach youth sports, and play golf and basketball. He represents the Buffalo Bills, Penn State and the Toronto Raptors strongly in the Southwest. 

Photo by Gary Hodum