December 2021: JoJo

Jojo was born for life on the golf course, even though she didn't set paw on one until age 5, when she was adopted by superintendent Stephen Hicks. Brantford Golf & Country Club in Brantford, Ontario, became Jojo's favorite place, where she roamed free, ousted geese and swam in the ponds. Jojo befriended staff and golfers alike, soliciting belly rubs at every turn. Even after one of her front legs was amputated in July 2020, she never slowed down. Sadly, Jojo passed away in May 2021 when her illness caught up to her again. Cart rides just aren't the same without her. 

Stephen Hicks is the superintendent at Brantford Golf and Country Club, where he has worked for four years. He is currently implementing a master plan of renovations involving bunkers, irrigation and underperforming greens. An 11- year GCSAA member, Stephen graduated from the University of Guelph in 2010 with a turfgrass diploma. Outside of work, he enjoys traveling with his wife and raising his daughter, who was born in early August of 2021. 

Photo by Jenica Gorrie