December 2022: Roobi

Roobi is a 3-year-old Pudelpointer who has worked at Circling Raven Golf Club in northern Idaho since she was 8 weeks old. Roobi is a morale booster loved by crew members and golfers alike. She's enthusiastic about birds, pointing and stalking most everything she sees, including any pesky varmints she encounters on her morning course run. During practice rounds for an LPGA Symetra Tour tournament in August 2021, Roobi won the hearts of all the ladies she met. In fall and winter, she can be found afield with her owner, pursuing upland game birds and waterfowl. 

GCSAA Class A superintendent Brian J. Woster is a 35- year association member and member of the Inland Empire GCSA. He has been a superintendent for 38 years. Born and raised in Ralston, Neb., Brian has spent the past 20 years at Circling Raven GC, where he was also the grow-in superintendent. Brian enjoys big game hunting, hunting game birds with Roobi, fishing, camping with his wife, Tammie, and spending time with his grandsons, Landon and Graham. 

Photo by Norbert Seres