February 2023: Tug

Tug is a 1-year-old Australian Cattle Dog, otherwise known as a “Red Heeler.” At 4 weeks old Tug and his 4 brothers and sisters were put up for adoption after the couple who had breed them suffered a sudden and tragic loss in their family. He was adopted one month later and has become a daily fixture for The Club at Chatham Hills, located in Westfield, IN. You can find Tug chasing geese, foxes, and squirrels at every opportunity he gets. He enjoys swimming in ponds, playing with the other dogs in the neighborhood, treats, and meeting new people. Tug is exceptionally bright and intelligent. He is the perfect companion on and off the course.

Chad Allen is the Director of Agronomy at The Club at Chatham Hills and a 4-year GCSSA member. He is a graduate of Penn State’s World Campus Golf Course Turfgrass Management Program. He has been at Chatham Hills for the past 2 years. He started as the assistant superintendent as was recently promoted to Directory of Agronomy. When he’s not working, Chad enjoys writing, reading, and spending time with his wife, Crysty, their 5-year-old daughter, Harper, and of course, Tug.