March 2023: Barron

Barron the Bold is seldom boastful, never boorish, and always becoming. Born 18 months ago, this English lab acts as Jr. Superintendent on The Broadmoor's legendary East and West golf courses in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Barron may not be a morning canine but is not one to shrug off the responsibilities he was born for since assuming the job at 8 weeks old. His first love is napping, but when on duty, he enjoys sunrise runs on the fairways, corralling the wild turkey, and flossing with the watering hose. Barron is very trusting and will jump in any willing golfer's cart for a ride. His laid-back demeanor and go-with-the-flow attitude are some of his best attributes.

Barron’s dad Michael Sartori, a 20-year member of the GCSAA has been with The Broadmoor for nineteen years and in the role of Superintendent since 2006. He graduated from The Ohio State University with an associate degree in Turf and Turfgrass Management. He moved to Colorado after graduation and began his career at The Broadmoor. When away from work, Michael enjoys spending time with his wife, Shauna and their two sons, Jack and Max.

Photo by  Michael Sartori