November 2023: Beaux

Beaux is a 1-year-old Labrador Retriever on staff at Pleasant Valley Country Club, Little Rock, AR since 10 weeks old. At a sturdy 85 pounds, he still believes he is a lap dog!. When on duty, he can be found riding shotgun in his owner's cart, Golf Course Superintendent Don Armbrust, as well as chasing geese, squirrels and greeting members as they play their round of golf. Beaux really enjoys rolling in piles of leaves and chewing on fallen limbs and excels in finding lost golf balls. During rain events he does not pass up the opportunity to run the creek channels full of water along course leading into the ponds. When off duty he spends his time recharging his energy in his owner's office chair!  At home he enjoys mile long walks with mom, Beth and visiting with neighbor dogs Elvis and Grace.

Don Armbrust, a 27-year member of the GCSAA, is a graduate of the Stockbridge School of Agriculture at UMASS. Don has been the Golf Course Superintendent at Pleasant Valley Country Club since 2007. Being raised in western Pennsylvania he is an avid Steelers fan.  When not on the job Don can be found on the rivers and lakes around Arkansas bass fishing.

Photo by Don Armbrust