October 2023: Ralph

Ralph is a one-year-old pure breed Border Collie that oversees 8 lakes and ponds at Voyager Village in rural northwestern Wisconsin.  When squirrels and geese are scares Ralph will focus on running and jumping at leaves, snow, frisbees or anything else that’s in motion.  Ralph goes through the Zoomies a few times a day with a burst of nonstop energy that will make anyone laugh and put a positive spin on your day.  Ralph truly is a poster child for what they call man’s best friend.

Steven Johnson is 20 plus year Certified Superintendent at Voyager Village which is a Property Owners Association with over 1200 members.  I graduated with two forestry degrees and started working at a course when I was 16 and have been loving it ever since.  My wife of 26 years, Jennifer and I have three wonderful children and we love living a self-reliant lifestyle. Hunting, fishing, making maple syrup, gardening, tending bees and running my sawmill are few of the things I do in my free time.

Photo by Steve Johnson