Happy Turfsgiving

Things to be Thankful for in the Turf Industry

The turf industry is a tough profession. You’ve got to deal with long hours, demanding situations, ever-changing weather, and sometimes you just can’t control everything. It’s not for everyone. But in this season of Thanksgiving, we thought we’d look at the things that make the turf industry great. We call it Turfsgiving.

It’s a new adventure each day

In any field that’s related to the weather, you’re never going to have total control. In a way, that’s exciting. Weather conditions, customer requests or even pests and diseases provide new opportunities to learn and grow. As Thomas Edison said, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Be thankful for those curveballs that your job throws at you. If you don’t extend yourself, you won’t get better.

You get to spend time outside

On your harder days out on the job, the idea of a 9-to-5 desk job might seem appealing. But don’t forget about the joys of being able to be outside while you work. According to Scientific American, “Sitting for long periods is bad because the human body was not designed to be idle.” As a turf professional, you’re often moving around, which promotes good circulation and heart health. Plus, the sunshine beats fluorescent lights any day, as long as you wear a hat and sunscreen.

You’re in tune with nature

There’s something about being connected to nature that give you a healthier mind and body. You’re not just spending time outside, you’re engaging with nature through your job as a turf professional. You pay more attention to the landscape and the weather, and that pays off. This article from The Guardian shows why we need nature, including the fascinating study that shows that hospital patients in rooms with tree views have "shorter hospitalizations, less need for pain medications and fewer negative comments in the nurses’ notes.”

You get the satisfaction of transforming turf

Before-and-after photos are always satisfying, and you get to see that play out every day as you take care of your turf. When there’s an issue or a challenge, and you solve it, you achieve a sense of accomplishment that not many professionals experience regularly.

You get to see your happy patrons and customer

The most important goal of a turf professional is to make their customers happy. When you get to see that in person, you know you’ve done your job, and you’ve made a difference in someone’s day. As a human being, it doesn’t get much better than that.

It’s like a fun chemistry project

Back in high school, you learned the power of chemistry. You saw for the first time how powerful it was, and how fun the results can be. In a lot of ways, turf professionals are chemists that don’t have to spend all their time in a lab. You create chemical reactions, get to work with exciting and dangerous tools, and you often get your hands dirty. The 14-year-old version of yourself would probably love the sound of that.

You’re in a community of other professionals

Sure, you have competitors in your community that you’re trying to beat, but there are thousands of professionals across the world that you can use as resources. Turf managers are always trying new things, developing strategies, and honing their craft, and you have the ability to tap into that network. Trade shows like the Golf Industry Show (GIS) and the GIE+EXPO are excellent places to network and see what other turf professionals are doing. They may have already solved some of the issues you’re facing right now.

You have access to great turf care products

In the constant battle of turf care, you’re never alone. LebanonTurf offers a wide range of turf care products including fertilizers, grass seed, and specialized products to help you succeed. Contact your local sales rep or visit our website to learn more about how we can help you get the job done better.

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