With State Neonicotinoid Restrictions Rising, Acelepryn Remains a Strong Replacement for Grub Control

Since 2014, many states have moved to ban neonicotinoid use on lawns and landscapes.

However, your lawn care customers expect you to put something down to eliminate any grubs that would eat their turf. Plus, you need an insecticide that will last well into the summer when the next generation of grubs hatch in August and September.

What Are Neonicotinoids?

Neonicotinoids are a class of insecticides used for grub control and other insects that destroy agriculture crops and lawns worldwide. Popular neonicotinoids include imidacloprid, clothianidin, and thiamethoxam.

As states move to ban neonicotinoid use on commercial and residential lawns, the common question “what can be used instead?” remains.

Enter Acelepryn™, a grub control product which contains no neonicotinoids, and will keep you compliant with state laws while stopping grubs from ruining your clients’ turf.

What Is Acelepryn™?

Acelepryn™, also known as GrubEx™ for homeowners, is an effective insecticide for all grub species and other turf-damaging insects.

Acelepryn™ takes 60-90 days to disperse for peak effectiveness in killing grubs. You need to apply it earlier in the season to ensure that the Acelepryn™ will be available to kill the second generation of grubs.

Introducing ProScape 25-0-5 51% MESA .067 Acelepryn™

At LebanonTurf, we have a combination fertilizer featuring Acelepryn™. When you use ProScape 25-0-5 51% MESA .067 Acelepryn™, you’re both feeding your clients’ lawns and putting down a grub preventative at the same time.

Here are ProScape 25-0-5 51% MESA .067 Acelepryn™ attributes:

  • A premium combination fertilizer and insect control product with an NPK of 25-0-5
  • It’s a great product for general turf use
  • .067% Acelepryn™ provides season-long insect control
  • 51% MESA provides slow-release nitrogen with immediate green-up without surge growth
  • Muriate of potash stimulates turf cell growth and provides disease resistance by promoting thicker outer cell walls
  • See the product’s label for application rates, specific insects it controls, timing, and use.

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Persuading Homeowners and Property Managers of The Need for Season-Long Grub Control and Weed Preventer in One Fertilizer

While you serve both commercial and residential properties, you may need to show one of your customers that there's grub activity in their lawn.

You can make an appointment to walk the property with your client, and they can show you the brown patches. If you suspect grub activity, you can pull back a one sq. ft. piece of turf to show your customer that grubs are eating their grass’ roots.

As a turf manager, your next step is applying grub control before grubs ruin the entire property, while preventing future eggs from hatching.

With ProScape 25-0-5 51% MESA .067 Acelepryn™, you combine your lawn care services to include slow-release fertilizer with grub control. The Acelepryn™ will kill the current grub population and prevent future larval development.

If you work with homeowners, don't forget to remind them about lawn management practices that prevent grubs in their yards and promote overall healthy turf.

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Helping Homeowners with Their Grub Problems

If you work with a lot of residential customers, remind them to practice the following cultural management tips:

  • Homeowners should reduce how much fertilizer they put down in their yards if they fear they have a grub infestation.
  • If you don't provide mowing services, remind homeowners to cut only the top third off the turf each time they mow.
  • Your residential clients should core aerate their lawns every two years if you don’t provide this service.
  • Homeowners should water their lawns deeply and infrequently. Better yet, encourage them to get an in-ground sprinkler system that they can control with an app.

You can also sell the above services to homeowners if you provide core aeration, fertilization, insect, and weed control. Remind your customers that you'll save them time, hassle, and even money if they don't know much about lawn care.


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