GIE+EXPO + ProScape®

Focusing on combination fertilizers

Two weeks ago, LebanonTurf attended the GIE+EXPO in Louisville, Kentucky. For those of you who don’t know what that name entails, it is the much-anticipated annual Green Industry and Equipment Expo. This is the place for landscapers to talk everything from equipment to technique to products.

Our team attended with the goal of focusing on combination fertilizers — specifically the ProScape® family, and we received a lot of buzz and excitement surrounding these products. Whether you attended the show or not, these fertilizers can be crucial to your business. Below we will outline the different combinations and why they are beneficial to your customers’ turf.

Pre and Post Emergent + Fertilizer

Pre and post emergent fertilizers are both important for your customers' turf. Pre-emergents attacks the grassy weeds before they begin to germinate and interrupt the growth process before the weeds become visible. Post-emergents attack the broadleaf weeds after they have already surfaced. By applying a pre and post emergent, you keep your customers lawn weed free— which keeps them happy and your business booming.

Herbicide and Insecticides + Fertilizer

Herbicides are designed to kill or prevent weeds while insecticides are targeted toward insects and white grubs. The unique aspect of our ProScape Acelepryn and Dimension + Fertilizer is that it takes care of many unwanted plants and insects all in one application. Acelepryn targets grubs, caterpillars and weevils with a wide application window, and Dimension is a specialty herbicide that kills and prevents pesky crabgrass.

Pre-Emergent and Starter Fertilizer

If your customers are establishing their turf, renovating or overseeding, our ProScape® Starter Fertilizer 21-22-4 with Mesotrione is ideal. It can be used for pre-emergence control of more than 30 listed broadleaf and grassy weeds while still allowing new seedling growth. With overseeding being a common fall practice, this product will be great to have on hand to ensure your customers’ turf comes back green and growing in the spring.

So, if you weren’t able to attend GIE+EXPO, you now have the gist of how ProScape combination products can save you time by doing three jobs in one application. And time saved means the ability to take on more business.

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