Turf establishment has never been simpler

  • Better moisture management
  • Faster turf establishment
  • Better germination

Never think twice about turf repair again

Because adding just ONE application of PennMulch® Seed Accelerator to your seed mix is all you need for beautiful results, fast.  But that’s not all you’ll never have to think twice about.  With no weed contamination in the mix, you’ll never have to worry about weeds like you would with straw or hay.

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Better Together

PennMulch pairs perfectly with the A-List Winning Colors Tall Fescue blend.  Dark green, drought and disease resistant tall fescue blend that uses the latest top performing varieties.  

A-List Winning Colors

Accelerate Your Results

Better Moisture Management

PennMulch®’s patented Moisture Cell Technology uses super absorbent polymer pellets that can absorb up to 400 percent of their weight in water to keep seeds and seedlings from drying out.

Faster Turf Establishment

Mulch and fertilizer combine to form an innovative, all-in-one turf establishment solution that saves you time and money.

Better Germination

Innovative Hydrobond™ Polymer Tackifier technology creates a matrix of mulch, soil and seed that prevents movement of seedlings during germination for turf establishment results you can depend on––time and time again.