Snapshot 2.5 TG Herbicide

Item #:1472559
Size: 50 Pounds


Snapshot™ preemergent herbicide controls many broadleaf weeds and annual grasses in: landscape ornamentals, container grown ornamentals, field grown ornamentals, ground covers, perennials, non-bearing fruit and nut trees, non-bearing vineyards and non-cropland.

EPA Numbers:062719-00175-000000

Guaranteed Analysis:

Active Ingredient
trifluralin: α,α,α-trifluoro-2,6-dinitro-N,N-dipropyl-p-toluidine 2.0%
isoxaben: N-[3-(1-ethyl-1-methylpropyl)-5-isoxazolyl]-2,6-dimethoxybenzamide and isomers 0.5%
Other Ingredients 97.5%
Total 100.0%

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