Leonardo Tall Fescue

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Leonardo Tall FescueLeonardo Tall fescue is a next generation Turf Type tall fescue that is highly ranked in the 2013 NTEP triel. Leonardo was selected for high endophyte level, improved disease resistance, fine leafe texture, and dark green genetic color. It is also extremely drought and heat tolerant and requires less water and inputs to maintain top quality turf. Leonardo will be available from 2015 crop and will be featured in Winning Colorss Tall Fescue blend and Winning Colors Plus.

Available in sod quality - item number 58-67011.


2013 NTEP Data Mean Turfgrass quality ratings of Tall fescue cultivars at eleven locations in the US (Table 1)under LPI Group 1

ZW44 6.6
Regenerate 6.5
Leonardo 6.3
Michelangelo 6.3
Rockwell 6.3
Hemi 6.2
Frontline 6.1
Aquaduct 6.0
Warhawk 5.9
KY-31 3.7
LSD 0.8

Turfgrass Quality Ratings 1-9; 9 = Ideal Turf Selected varieties including highest and lowest

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