Controlling Goosegrass Has Never Been Healthier

New Country Club combination fertilizers with Ronstar® herbicide

  • Country Club branded, standard and mini-sized fertilizer combination products featuring branded Ronstar® pre-emergent herbicide
  • Offered in a variety of NPK analysis and nutrient options for every agronomic situation.
  • Branded Ronstar® controls goosegrass, crabgrass, annual bluegrass and 29 other annual grassy and broadleaf weeds.
  • For commercial and general turf use. NOT for use on residential properties.

Country Club 15 0 15 40% MESA 1% Ronstar

Country Club 20 0 10 40% MESA 1% Ronstar

Country Club MOP 0 0 7 1% Ronstar

A Growing Threat in Cool-Season Turf

With goosegrass continuing to migrate into cool-season turf, Ronstar® herbicide use is becoming a more common staple in pre-emergent weed control programs. It’s a safe herbicide that doesn’t harm cool-season species or deter recovery in damaged area where goosegrass likes to establish itself.  You can have total confidence in using ProScape combination products featuring Ronstar herbicide to deliver the results you need. 

Proven Performance

Excellent Longevity

Ronstar® herbicide will remain active in the soil, controlling 32 different annual grassy and broadleaf weeds, for up to 3 months, depending on the environmental conditions and time of application. This large window of control ensures you get the most out of your weed control management plan.

Time Saving Weed-n-Feed

With three different formulas that lend themselves to all agronomic situations, applying much needed nutrients at the same time as your pre-emergent saves you valuable time by accomplishing two tasks with one simple application.

Versatile Weed Control

Due to its unique mode of action, Ronstar can be applied up to two to three weeks before seed germination and still be highly effective for weed control. This level of versatility is what has lead Ronstar to become the industry standard for goosegrass control.