Half a piece of MESA® is still MESA®

How can something that works so fast…last so long?

MESAWith methylene urea and sulfate of ammonia combined in each tiny granule, LebanonTurf’s exclusive MESA® fertilizer products works immediately to provide a consistent, brilliant green color that will help your turf perform at its best. MESA® retains its slow release attributes even when cracked, chipped or crushed. Mow it! Stomp it! Crush it!. Cut it in half, it’s still MESA®.

For years, sulfur coated urea (SCU), and similar products, have long been thought of as an effective way to control the release of fertilizer nutrients. Unfortunately, these coated-products have always contained shortcomings: losing their slow-release properties when cracked, the coating adding no agronomic value to the soil, and their inability to break down completely, leaving residual behind.

LebanonTurf is proud to offer MESA®, the first nitrogen source to combine ammonium sulfate with methylene urea in a single particle. MESA® is a smarter alternative to coated-products.

Here’s why:

If you’re looking to put the problems associated with SCU behind you, give MESA® a try. It’s quick response and excellent color makes it make it the safe, economical choice for any turf manager.

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