How Combination Lawn Care Products Can Save You More Than Just Time

Turf managers, do you wish you had more time to grow your business? Do you wish you had one fertilizer product containing weed and insect controls?

Good news! LebanonTurf’s ProScape® 3-in-1 fertilizers save you time and increase your profits as well as benefit your lawn care business.

What Are Combination Lawn Care Products?

Combination lawn care products have the main output, such as fertilizer, including insect and weed controls.

You may be familiar with 3-in-1 lawn care products sold in big-box retailers and independent garden centers.

And yet, there are professional products that give results every time you use them, whether on a commercial or residential property.

Plus, you won’t need separate crews working on your customers’ properties when you use combination lawn products. One team can simultaneously put down fertilizer, broadleaf, and grassy weed controls.

During the Great Resignation, you won’t have to worry about hiring as many laborers because you won’t need them due to the efficient lawn products that you’re using on your customers’ properties.

At LebanonTurf, our ProScape® fertilizers come with insect and weed controls to save you time out in the field as well as reduce your customers’ callbacks and complaints.

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How LebanonTurf’s ProScape® Three-in-One Fertilizers Bring You Results and Increase Your Profits

LebanonTurf has three different ProScape® combination fertilizers that simultaneously do two to three jobs. Plus, our products are the best on the market for proven efficacy in insect and weed control.

You want to look beyond performance, though. You want to include the time saved, reduce the need for more laborers, and increase profit because you can take on more customers.

Here are our three fertilizers that have two- to three-in-one products in them:

  1. ProScape® with Pre- and Post-Emergent + Fertilizer combines fertilizer with a pre-emergent and a post-emergent. Our popular product feeds the lawn while stamping out broadleaf weeds and providing a barrier for grassy weeds not to germinate.

Our most popular pre-and post-emergent weed control with fertilizer is ProScape® 19-0-6 40% MESA, Lockup + .17 Dimension. Lockup, a post-emergent herbicide, has proven effective for getting rid of broadleaf weeds.

Dimension is an herbicide that’s proven effective at developing that underground barrier, keeping grassy weeds from sprouting.

  1. ProScape® Acelepryn and Dimension + Fertilizer delivers a 1-2-3 punch to your customers’ lawns. This fertilizer produces a consistent, dark green color throughout the entire season.

ProScape® Acelepryn and Dimension + Fertilizer protects your clients’ lawns from turf killers, including billbugs, bluegrass weevils, chinch bugs, and grubs. Acelepryn is the product that targets these bugs.

  1. ProScape® Pre-Emergent AND Starter Fertilizer with Mesotrione controls 33 weed varieties while not stopping turfgrass seedlings from developing.

Your clients’ lawns will grow faster, which means they will be satisfied with the work you did on their properties. ProScape’s pre-emergent with starter fertilizer and mesotrione prevents weeds while the turf remains healthier throughout the growing season.

At LebanonTurf, ProScape® 21-22-4 Starter Fertilizer with .08 mesotrione SGN 125 is a favorite among turf managers. It provides the following

  • A premium starter fertilizer combination and weed control product with NPK of 21-22-4.
  • .08 mesotrione for pre-emergent weed control that can be used with growing new turf.
  • 35% methylene provides slow-release nitrogen into the soil.
  • Potassium sulfate provides potassium on the spot with a small amount of sulfur included. 

What Will You Do with the Extra Time?

Since our ProScape® combination products save you time and energy while out on the field, what will you do with the extra time?

You can market your lawn services in other cities or towns in your area. You can invest in landscaping software to improve customer relationships and sync your back office duties into one program.

You’ll also have more time to invest in your employees. While it’s tough to hire and retain qualified help right now, you can learn how to complete a “stay interview” to keep your current employees at your company rather than quitting and going somewhere else.

What is a stay interview?

It’s when you initiate informal conversations with your employees throughout the year. However, it would help if you were vulnerable because you want your staff and laborers to open up to you or their supervisors.

While the lawn and landscaping industry isn’t warm and cuddly, you can still learn techniques so your employees are comfortable talking to you about their job satisfaction.

In 2022, the Great Resignation will still be trending. And workers are in the driver’s seat.  Your goal with a stay interview includes understanding why loyal employees stay on board with your company.

Here are some questions to ask your workers:

  1. What motivates you each morning to come to work?
  2. What are your career goals in this company?
  3. What can management change to encourage your loyalty in the New Year?

Word to the wise: Don’t combine a stay interview with a year-end performance review. It’ll backfire, and your employees won’t open up to you. Instead, keep these informal conversations light and do them throughout the year.

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Where You Can Find LebanonTurf’s ProScape® Combination Fertilizers

Remember, LebanonTurf’s ProScape® Combination Fertilizers provide cutting-edge nutrition with insect and weed control to bring results and increase your profits.

Find your local distributor to buy your ProScape® Combination Fertilizers.

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