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ProScape Starter Fertilizer with Mesotrione

  • Saves time with two applications in one 
  • Provides pre-emergent weed control that can be used during seeding
  • Controls 33 broadleaf and grassy weeds
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When it comes to establishing new turf and keeping it looking great, ProScape with Mesotrione offers the best of both worlds: two applications in one.  The turf establishes quickly and stays healthier thanks to the premium fertilizer and superior pre-emergent weed control.  

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Controls 33 weed varieties

An innovative formula with mesotrione delivers protection against 33 broadleaf and grassy weeds, while also giving seedlings a boost in various new turf establishment applications.

Faster Turf Establishment

Establishes new turf faster with innovative, pre-emergent weed protection that's safe around other plants and saves you time and money.

Happier Customers

Offering everything you need to establish new turf quickly and maintain it more easily in the future. Prevent weeds from the start so the turf stays healthier for longer - making your customers happy.