How to Establish a Lawn After New Construction

If you want to grow your lawn care business where residential construction is booming, you may wish to market your lawn services to home construction companies. New homeowners need to have the property’s soil amended and new grass seed planted for a healthy lawn.

If you’re new to lawn establishment after new home construction, you’ll want to read on for the basics explained for creating a brand-new yard.


You Need to Start with the Soil

When renovating a lawn after new construction, know that you’re dealing with topsoil or subsoil shipped in from another location. Also, homebuilders will typically put down cheap lawn seeds or sod to establish a new lawn.

However, you know that the turfgrass in this case won’t last long, especially if the homebuilder did nothing to prep the soil before the seed or sod was installed.

Soil will also likely be compacted after having heavy machinery move across it during construction. You may need to grade the area if ruts or large slopes are left over.

Additionally, construction debris may be left over and buried underground, affecting the soil’s health and capacity for growing turfgrass. Plus, the ground is nutrient-starved because it hasn’t been amended to prepare it for grass seed.

Here’s how to prepare the soil to receive grass seed:

  • Evaluate the property for sun, shade, and wind direction
  • Add topsoil over the area of the new lawn
  • Grade the soil if there are a lot of ruts from construction equipment and make sure water runs away from the house’s foundation
  • Clean up any buried construction debris, tree roots, and other plant debris
  • Test the soil to see what nutrients are missing from it
  • Correct any soil pH issues
  • Add soil amendments and fertilizer to increase nutrients
  • Aerate the soil to reduce compaction
  • Plant turf grass seed
  • Cover with a mulch seed accelerator
  • Water the new lawn.

Remember to provide a fact sheet or coach your customers on good watering practices for a new lawn. The homeowners need to water their new lawn every day until seedlings start to appear. Then, they can cut down watering to every other day.

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How LebanonTurf’s ProScape® 21-22-4 Starter Fertilizer with .08 Mesotrione SGN 125 Gets New Lawns Started on the Right Foot

Our ProScape® 21-22-4 Starter Fertilizer with .08 Mesotrione SGN 125 provides the essential nutrients (including high phosphorous) that grass seedlings need to develop deep root systems.

You’ll save time while working on lawns after new construction because ProScape’s combination fertilizer includes pre-emergent, starter fertilizer, and post-emergent weed control all in one product. So, you get more done in less time—allowing you to take on more lawn renovations.

Also, the starter fertilizer helps turfgrass get established faster than other professional fertilizers. Here are four features of ProScape® 21-22-4 Starter Fertilizer with .08 Mesotrione SGN 125:

  1. It’s a premium combination starter fertilizer and weed control product with an NPK of 21-22-4
  2. .08 Mesotrione for pre-emergent weed control can be used when establishing new turf
  3. Slow release nitrogen from 35% methylene urea
  4. Potassium sulfate for immediate availability of potassium with the extra benefit of a small amount of sulfur

Read the label for specific information on pests controlled, application rates, timing, and use.

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Consider Using PennMulch® Seed Accelerator to Give Your Customers’ Lawns a Head Start

Do you want a product that provides extra nutrition, eliminates the potential of spreading straw weed seeds and gives a boost to new lawns? Then you’ll want to cover the newly seeded ground with PennMulch® Seed Accelerator to get the best results possible when establishing new turf.

What is PennMulch® Seed Accelerator?

PennMulch® Seed Accelerator is spread on top of the soil after you plant grass seed. It helps with quicker turf establishment, combines mulch and fertilizer, and reduces the need to return to the new lawn to reseed bare areas.

If you’re establishing lawns after new construction, arm yourself with the best grass seed, fertilizer, weed control, and mulch to please your customers and save time.

You can buy ProScape® 21-22-4 Starter Fertilizer with .08 Mesotrione SGN 125 and PennMulch® Seed Accelerator through your local distributor. Find your local LebanonTurf distributor online.


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