ProScape 20-0-7 25% Meth-Ex Trimec

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Item #: 2253597
Size:  40 Pounds

Please refer to the label for detailed information regarding coverage and application rate.

Featured technology:

SGN Size: 220


ProScape® 20-0-7 25% Meth-Ex® 40 Trimec® controls dandelion, chickweed, knotweed, plantain, henbit, and other broadleaf weeds.

EPA Numbers: 002217-00581-000961

Guaranteed Analysis:

Total Nitrogen (N) 20%
1.6% Water Insoluble Nitrogen*
15.6% Urea Nitrogen
2.8% Other Water Soluble Nitrogen*
Soluble Potash (K2O) 7%
Derived From: Methylene Ureas, Urea, Muriate of Potash
Chlorine (Cl) not more than 6.0%
*4.4% Slowly available Nitrogen from Methylene Ureas
Active Ingredient
2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid 0.55%
(+)-(R)-2-(2-methyl-4-chlorophenoxy)propionic acid 0.12%
Dicamba: (3,6-dichloro-o-anisic acid) 0.05%
Other Ingredients 99.28%
Total 100.0%

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